• About Us

    We are an industry advocacy group focused on making consumers aware of the numerous advantages that newly constructed homes offer. From construction quality to modern, open floor plans to an overall lower cost of living (in terms of both time and money), we want home shoppers to understand that newly constructed homes outperform existing homes across the board.

    Started in 2012, Start Fresh. Buy New. is a trusted resource for today’s home shoppers. We offer education and tools to help them make the best decision for themselves and their families. Our ranks include many of the country’s leading community, custom and environmentally-friendly home builders, all devoted to constructing high-quality, efficient homes which allow homeowners to focus their valuable time, energy and money on what matters most in their lives.

    Contact us at StartFreshBuyNew@builderhomesite.com.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Start Fresh. Buy New. a campaign representing a particular homebuilder?

    Start Fresh. Buy New. is an educational campaign created on behalf of the entire residential construction industry to teach the public about the numerous advantages of newly-built homes.

    What builders does Start Fresh. Buy New. represent?

    Our aim is to support the entire home building industry, from small custom builders to large, community builders. Modern residential construction is superior in a number of ways. We want the home shopping public to be aware of these advantages so they can make a more informed decision when buying their next home.

    If you don't sell homes, why are you doing this?

    Recent advancements in new home construction methods and related technologies make the homes built today far superior to homes built just 10 years ago. Today's homes are more structurally sound, offer more open, livable floor plans and because everything is brand new and more efficient, they save owners significant amounts of money and precious personal time.

    What are the primary reasons why I should consider new vs. existing?
    • Construction Quality: modern construction methods and technology mean a more structurally sound home, and the warranty that back a newly-built home means more peace of mind for you and your family.
    • Lower Cost of Ownership: more often than not, when you buy an existing home you are buying an extensive to-do list that will likely cost significant money as well as valuable personal time. New homes are "new", so you can move in and start living the life you want rather than fixing up inherited problems from previous owners.
    • Modern Floor Plans & Design: Today's homes are designed and thoughtfully planned for the needs of today's families. From open floor plans, to higher ceilings, to more storage space, new homes are built to suit your family.
    • Energy Efficiency: Today's homes are built to standards that make them far more efficient than homes built just 5 years ago. This means new homes are better for the environment and more energy efficient, which can lower your bills and possibly your taxes
    What is the best place to find new construction home listings in my area?

    The most complete source for new construction listings across the country can be found at www.NewHomeSource.com.

    I need help finding a builder in my area. Can Start Fresh. Buy New. help?

    To find builders in your area we suggest visiting www.NewHomeSource.com where you can find a comprehensive list of new construction homes and communities in and around your search area. You can also contact your local or state Home Builders Association.

    As a real estate agent, how can I get learn more about Start Fresh. Buy New. and selling new construction homes?

    We suggest interested agents visit www.NewHomeSourceProfessional.com for the most comprehensive new home listings in your area. Membership is free and will give you the ability to view exclusive agent promotions and events, get updates on new inventory and communicate directly with both your buyers and builders.

    As a builder, how can Start Fresh. Buy New. help me?

    Because the initiative is focused on increasing the awareness among shoppers about the advantages of new homes vs. existing, all builders indirectly benefit from our work. If you are interested in specific assistance with advertising, improving your online or mobile presence, generating new leads and/or listing your homes via online search sites, we suggest contacting our partners at Builders' Digital Experience at info@thebdx.com.